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All omelets are served w/ home fries or grits & toast, English muffin or bagel.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Veggie Omelet (GF) $8.95 each
W/ zucchini, mushroom, tomato, & spring onion.

Three Cheese Omelet (GF) $7.95 each
W/ cheddar, dill havarti, & provolone.

Home Fries Omelet (GF) $9.95 each
W/ home fried potatoes, Swiss cheese, onions, mushrooms & spinach (served w/ fruit salad).

Shiitake Mushroom & Asparagus (GF) $9.50 each

Chicken Teriyaki Omelet $8.95 each

Ham & Cheese Omelet $8.95 each
W/ American, cheddar, dill havarti, provolone or Swiss.

Korean Steak & Kimchi Omelet $9.50 each

Tofu & Avocado Omelet (GF) $9.50 each

Southwestern Omelet $9.95 each
Grilled chicken, red & yellow peppers, cheddar cheese, salsa, green chilies & sour cream.

Jumbo Lump Crab Omelet $14.95 each
W/ spring onion.

Seafood Omelet (GF) $13.95 each
W/ shrimp, squid, clams & mussels.

Design Your Own Omelet
Add any of the vegetables or cheeses from the regular omelets for $0.60 For bacon add $1.50 For turkey bacon, veggie bacon, tofu or asparagus add $1.50 For chicken or Korean steak add $2.50 For shrimp add $3.50 For lump crabmeat add $7.00