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Mark's Juice Bar
Regular Juices 10 oz | Large 16 oz
Ask for your own combination & we’ll be pleased to make it.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Fruit Juices
Regular $3.95 | Large $5.50 Apple Grapefruit Kiwi Mango Orange Pineapple Strawberry

Vegetable Juices
Regular $3.95 | Large $5.50 Carrot Cabbage Celery Cucumber Kale Radish Romaine Lettuce Tomato

Fruit Blends
Regular $4.25 | Large $5.75 Pineapple-strawberry Grapefruit-strawberry Grapefruit-orange Orange-mango Strawberry-kiwi Orange-pineapple Orange-strawberry W/ banana, blueberry, ginger, or lemon add $0.35 W/ green tea add $0.50

Vegetable Blends
Regular $4.25 | Large $5.75 Carrot-apple Carrot-apple-celery Carrot-celery Carrot-apple-cucumber Cucumber-celery-radish Carrot-romaine lettuce Celery-apple W/ ginger or lemon add $0.35 W/ green tea or spinach add $0.50