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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Spaghetti (V) $8.95 each
Spaghetti in our own tomato-basil sauce served w/ a house salad & garlic bread. W/ Korean steak, chicken teriyaki, tofu, or asparagus $11.45 W/ grilled shrimp $12.45

Jap Chae (V) $9.95 each
Cellophane sweet potato noodles mixed w/ carrot, spinach, cabbage & onion & served w/ fried rice.

Sesame Noodles (V) $9.95 each
(Served either hot or cold)
Noodles marinated in sesame oil & mixed in w/ red peppers, broccoli, spring onion, zucchini & sesame seeds.

Vegetable Lasagna (V) $10.95 each
A vegan lasagna w/ carrots, spinach, broccoli, mushroom, onion & tofu & served with a salad.

Ginger-Lime Soba (V) $10.95 each
Cold soba noodles mixed w/ broccoli, carrots, asparagus, spring onion & pickled ginger in a ginger-lime sauce.

Basil Pesto Penne $10.95 each
Penne pasta w/ asparagus, green beans & roasted pine nuts in a basil pesto sauce.

Triple Noodle Medley (V) $16.95 each
A combination of ginger-lime soba, sesame noodles & jap chae.