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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

House Salad (GF) (V) $4.50 each
A side salad of mesclun leaves mixed w/ tomato wedges, cucumber, red onion, & sprouts.

Farmer's Market Salad (GF) (V) $9.95 each
A big bowl of romaine lettuce & kale w/ asparagus, fresh beets, red pepper, yellow pepper, Korean cabbage, cherry tomato, apple, baby red potatoes, chrysanthemum leaves & seasonal berries in a miso dressing.

Caesar Salad $7.95 each
Romaine lettuce tossed w/ parmesan cheese & croutons in a Caesar dressing.

Spinach Salad (GF) (V) $7.95 each
Fresh spinach leaves mixed w/ tomato, red pepper, mushroom, alfalfa sprouts, zucchini & chopped almonds.

Salad Combinations
to any salad add: Chicken teriyaki or Korean steak $2.50 Grilled tofu or avocado $2.50 (V) Grilled shrimp, chicken salad or tuna salad $3.50 Grilled chicken & avocado $3.50 Crabcake, lump crabmeat, grilled tuna, grilled salmon or tenderloin steak $6.00

Micro Green Salad (GF) (V) $10.95 each
A side salad w/ mixed micro greens & petite greens.

Seaweed Salad (GF) $9.95 each
Wakame, hijiki & kombu seaweed, avocado, cucumber & sliced lemon on a bed of mixed seaweed w/ our own no-fat, no-oil lemon ginger salad dressing or our spicy sweet & sour chojang sauce.

Mark's Healthy Salad (GF) (V) $8.95 each
Fresh tofu, wakame seaweed, cucumber, pickled ginger & bean sprouts served with our no-fat, no-oil lemon ginger salad dressing.

Shrimp, Avocado & Crab Salad (GF) $12.95 each
Shrimp, avocado, lump crab & crab stick served over a bed of micro greens w/ a kimchi mayonnaise dressing.

Fresh Fruit Salad (GF) (V) $5.95 each
A selection of fresh melons & seasonal fruits. W/ chicken teriyaki $9.95

Salad Platters (GF)
W/ coleslaw & potato salad. Chicken Salad (GF) $8.95 Tuna Salad (GF) $8.95 Shrimp Salad (GF) $9.95

Salad Medley (GF) $10.95 each
A scoop each of chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad & coleslaw. W/ an additional scoop of shrimp salad $12.95