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Breakfast Menu

**Ginger scrambled eggs may be substituted for other eggs $1.00
**Fruit salad may be substituted for home fries or grits $1.50
**Potato pancakes may be substituted for home fries or grits $1.00
**For cage-free eggs add $1.00
Waffles and French Toast
Breakfast Sandwiches

Served on white, wheat or rye bread or English muffin for a croissant. bagel or other breads add $0.60
In any egg dish, egg substitutes add $0.75
For egg whites add $1.00
For cage-free eggs add $1.00

All omelets are served w/ home fries or grits & toast, English muffin or bagel.
Breakfast Sides
Mark's Juice Bar

Regular Juices 10 oz | Large 16 oz
Ask for your own combination & we’ll be pleased to make it.
Mark's Yogurt Blends
Coffee & Tea
Espresso Bar

W/ soy milk, add $0.50
Starters & Soups

Carry - Out Only: 32 oz. family size containers of any soup.

Balsamic Vinaigrette | Bleu Cheese | Dijon Honey Mustard | 1000 Island
Hong Cho (Korean Berry Vinaigrette) | Sesame Vinaigrette | Fat-Free Lemon Ginger | Oil & Vinegar
Meat and Fish
MK Combinations

Served w/ sautéed vegetables & sweet potatoes or brown rice.
Royal Sampler Boxes

Served in a traditional Korean sang dinner box.
Fried Rice
Eggs & Omelets

Three egg omelets served w/ fried rice or grilled potatoes & toast or English muffin.
(For cage-free eggs, add $1.00)
Mark's Basic Sandwiches
Salad Sandwiches
Basic Sandwiches

Add bacon or avocado for $1.25
Turkey bacon or veggie bacon for $1.50
Cheese, grilled pepper, grilled onion, grilled mushroom or pickled ginger for $0.60
Combination Sandwiches
Club Sandwiches

All club sandwiches are served on white, whole wheat or rye & come w/ coleslaw & your
choice of roast potatoes, sweet potatoes or French fries: for special breads, add $1.00.

Our six-ounce burgers are made w/ black angus beef & come w/ coleslaw & your choice of roast potatoes, sweet potatoes or French fries.
Add grilled green peppers, grilled onions or grilled mushrooms for $0.60
Sides & Extras
Kids Meals

*All Items Fries or Applesauce $2.00
Mark's Juice Bar

Ask for your own combination & we'll be pleased to make it!
Coffee & Tea
Espresso Bar

W/ soymilk, add $0.50
Beer List

Mark’s Kitchen may not look much like a rathskeller but there always are at least
20 different specialty beers to choose from on every visit you make.
The beer list includes outstanding domestic and imported bottled beers primarily from niche breweries all over the U.S., Europe and Asia.
The beer list is revised on a regular basis but some of the beers you will often find at Mark’s Kitchen include:
House Wines
(GF) Can be prepared Gluten Free.